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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Racist murder by taxi driver

To say South Africa's taxi drivers are a bunch of lawless louts, would be the understatement of the century. They are quite literally a law unto themselves.

As any South African motorist can attest, the normal rules of the road seemingly do not apply to the approximately 800,000 taxi drivers who contaminate our roads with their un-roadworthy wrecks and foul driving habits. They refuse, for example, to be stuck in traffic jams like lesser mortals, and will drive in the emergency lane, over verges and even in the face of oncoming traffic.

Quite clearly taxi drivers view themselves as above the law, and see their precious time as much more important than that of other road users. The overwhelming majority of taxi drivers are black, which is relevant to the rest of this piece.

In a shocking example of yet another racist murder, a white schoolgirl in the Pretoria suburb of Garsfontein has been deliberately run over by a taxi driver. Note that, unlike the case of manslaughter the police are investigating, the incident was clearly first-degree murder, not manslaughter. Manslaughter is the accidental killing of another person.

This incident was clearly premeditated, according to eyewitnesses. The driver repeatedly hooted for the schoolgirl on her scooter to get out of his way. When she did not comply quickly enough, he in cold blood deliberately ran her over. If it were manslaughter and accidental, the driver would have stopped after the "accident." This didn't happen. The driver did not stop and is still on the run. The corrupt South African Police Services clearly do not view this shocking racist murder as worthy of their urgent efforts at investigation.

The life of a mere white was also clearly less important than his precious time in the mind of the idiot behind the wheel of the taxi. Predictably, however, there will be no outcry about the racist nature of this murder, just like there is no outcry about the 3000 whites who are murdered annually by blacks in the orgy of racist murders that have occurred since the dawn of the so-called New South Africa in 1994.

We should not hold our breath for the local media to call a spade a spade, unlike the very infrequent white-on-black murders, which are inevitably the subject of a great outpouring of breast-beating and condemnation in the media. This incident will therefore quietly go away and be swept under the carpet, lest it offend the politically correct.

Should the taxi driver be caught, liberal and left-wing apologists will perhaps fall over one another to paint the poor taxi driver as the real victim, no doubt of apartheid, and completely forget about the grieving white family of yet another victim of a shocking black-on-white racist murder.

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