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Thursday, 05 February 2009

Is Acsa guilty of BEE fraud?

South Africa ostensibly put apartheid behind it in 1994. In practice, it did no such thing. What happened instead was that it merely changed the beneficiaries of state-sponsored racial discrimination. But that's OK, isn't it? I mean, as long as it's whites who are on the receiving end, nobody says a word...

One of the pillars of the neo-apartheid being perpetrated by the ANC regime against whites is known as Black Economic Empowerment or BEE. BEE is nothing but a form of racial discrimination against whites, and a legalized way of plundering of whites' resources. In addition, it represents a creeping form of nationalization by means of which white assets are systematically being stolen and placed in the hands of ANC cadres.

Because of its racialized nature and inherent dependence on cronyism, BEE lends itself to large-scale corruption. Companies are for example awarded state tenders on the basis of how many black faces work for them or how well they are connected to the ANC regime, and not on their ability to actually do the job. In the latest example of probable BEE corruption, the Airports Company (ACSA) has awarded a tender to a company called Vuda Bus.

The tender was to provide a shuttle bus service from the terminal buildings of OR Tambo International Airport to the long-term parking. (OR Tambo was formerly Johannesburg International - OR Tambo was an ANC non-entity, only known for his total mediocrity.) All good and well, except there is a problem with the awarding of the tender to Vuda. Vuda was clearly surprised by winning the tender. Perhaps those submitting the tender did not actually believe they stood a chance, or perhaps it was submitted as a joke.

You see, vuda Bus does not actually own any vehicles. It won the tender without having a single bus to its name.

It had to hastily approach the previous bus operator to borrow its vehicles. God only knows what expertise it has in terms of, say, scheduling and fleet management. How did this happen? Did somebody not actually check up on the company's credentials? You know - due diligence and all those racist practices that are apparently superfluous in the New! Improved! South Africa?

Well, the name Vuda should give us a clue. Its name indicates that it is in all probability a black-owned fronting company, no doubt with links to a) somebody high up in Acsa, or b) with connections to the ruling ANC regime. Do not be surprised if it turns out that the owner of Vuda is perhaps related to the affirmative action-appointed head of Acsa, one Monhla Hlahla.

(Practically no state-owned company such as Acsa would be headed by a white, with predictable results - the state airline, SAA, is losing billions due in no small part to the sheer incompetence of its black, affirmative-action CEO, Khaya Ngqula. Khaya Ngqula awards himself and his cronies millions and bonuses each year, in spite of costing the taxpayer billions.)

Yet again we are confronted with the gross corruption and anti-white racial capitalism which taints South African society.

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