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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Racist murder by taxi driver

To say South Africa's taxi drivers are a bunch of lawless louts, would be the understatement of the century. They are quite literally a law unto themselves.

As any South African motorist can attest, the normal rules of the road seemingly do not apply to the approximately 800,000 taxi drivers who contaminate our roads with their un-roadworthy wrecks and foul driving habits. They refuse, for example, to be stuck in traffic jams like lesser mortals, and will drive in the emergency lane, over verges and even in the face of oncoming traffic.

Quite clearly taxi drivers view themselves as above the law, and see their precious time as much more important than that of other road users. The overwhelming majority of taxi drivers are black, which is relevant to the rest of this piece.

In a shocking example of yet another racist murder, a white schoolgirl in the Pretoria suburb of Garsfontein has been deliberately run over by a taxi driver. Note that, unlike the case of manslaughter the police are investigating, the incident was clearly first-degree murder, not manslaughter. Manslaughter is the accidental killing of another person.

This incident was clearly premeditated, according to eyewitnesses. The driver repeatedly hooted for the schoolgirl on her scooter to get out of his way. When she did not comply quickly enough, he in cold blood deliberately ran her over. If it were manslaughter and accidental, the driver would have stopped after the "accident." This didn't happen. The driver did not stop and is still on the run. The corrupt South African Police Services clearly do not view this shocking racist murder as worthy of their urgent efforts at investigation.

The life of a mere white was also clearly less important than his precious time in the mind of the idiot behind the wheel of the taxi. Predictably, however, there will be no outcry about the racist nature of this murder, just like there is no outcry about the 3000 whites who are murdered annually by blacks in the orgy of racist murders that have occurred since the dawn of the so-called New South Africa in 1994.

We should not hold our breath for the local media to call a spade a spade, unlike the very infrequent white-on-black murders, which are inevitably the subject of a great outpouring of breast-beating and condemnation in the media. This incident will therefore quietly go away and be swept under the carpet, lest it offend the politically correct.

Should the taxi driver be caught, liberal and left-wing apologists will perhaps fall over one another to paint the poor taxi driver as the real victim, no doubt of apartheid, and completely forget about the grieving white family of yet another victim of a shocking black-on-white racist murder.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Many black employees are political appointees

The Mail & Guardian reports that 28% of all South African municipal employees nationally, and as many as 70% in the Mpumalanga province, are appointed in posts that are not reflected in the organization structures of the local authorities.

In other words, they are political appointments. They are not there because of their qualifications or experience, but because they know the right people and, very importantly, because they are black. With a few rare exceptions, such as the monumentally incompetent Mike Sutcliffe, you can be very sure that these are black appointees. Politics in South Africa is to a high degree of accuracy split along racial lines. If you are a white, you won't belong to the ruling ANC regime, and vice versa.

This type of cronyism should surprise nobody. This is Africa, after all. What the Mail & Guardian article does not point out, however, is that this sorry state of affairs taints the entire South African workplace, and not only local authorities. A very large proportion of blacks in all posts, public and private sector, have been appointed in terms of the racist policy known as affirmative action.

Affirmative action represents the very worst kind of political discrimination, akin to apartheid, in terms of which a white minority is systematically targeted and excluded in favour of those who are often less qualified and experienced, but who possess the correct skin colour.

This practice haunts all black employees, especially those in managerial and professional positions. A large percentage of them can never be sure that they would have obtained their positions were it not for affirmative action. People who deal with such people in the corporate environment will forever be asking themselves whether they are dealing with a person who is capable of real decision making, or even capable of really doing their jobs, instead of being a token employee with a dark skin.

One can only speculate about the psychological impact this must have on a black person who is appointed as a manager, for example. Does such a person not experience constant and nagging self-doubt? Jimmy Manyi is a prime example of somebody who in my opinion has a giant chip on his shoulder, no doubt because of his feelings of inferiority which could have resulted from his being appointed on the basis of his skin colour.

Political appointments, in short, taint the entire South African workplace.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

White schools parasitized

The only infinite thing he knew of, said Einstein, was human stupidity. To this I would like to add another infinite quantity: human hypocrisy.

If there is one thing that especially South Africa's whites are constantly accused of, it is of racism. This is of course the case all over the world; any white in a so-called multicultural society who objects to others plundering that which he and his ancestors built up, is automatically a so-called racist.

Just ask any American who dares point out that illegal immigration from especially Mexico is destroying America. Accusations of racism in South Africa are usually leveled when one or the other member of the criminal ANC regime is inevitably caught with his hands in the cookie jar, something which is bound to happen regularly, given the ANC's terrorist origins.

So it is in education. Afrikaners, the white descendants of Dutch, German and French immigrants who started arriving in the 1650's, speak a West Germanic language called Afrikaans. Afrikaans is related to Dutch. Afrikaans-speaking schools in South Africa are known for their good discipline and good results. Afrikaans schools always figure among the top achievers in the final exams, in spite of Afrikaners being a small minority (+-6% of the total population.) The Afrikaans school Hoër Meisieskool in Pretoria was the best academic performer in the most populous province, Gauteng, in 2008. In the annual lists of the best performing schools, you can bet 60% or more would be Afrikaans schools.

However, this is not a tolerable situation to the ANC regime. It is determined to undermine and cleanse Afrikaans schools from the educational landscape. Its primary weapon is to introduce so-called "English-speaking" pupils, thereby forcing an Afrikaans school to switch to English. These "English-speakers" are nothing of the sort; their home language is always one of the indigenous languages such as Zulu of Tswana. Whites then flee the school as standards and discipline deteriorate, and pretty soon the school is another underachieving, failed institution, populated exclusively by black pupils. The children are no better off, but the odious minister of education, the Swazi-educated fatso with her posh English accent, Naledi Pandor and her ideologues, have ethnically cleansed another Afrikaans school and presumably are then happy.
Whites who attempt to resist the takeover of their schools are automatically labelled as racist. Naturally. This, in spite of the United Nations supposedly supporting the rights of minorities. Witness, for example, the response of one "Dale" to this blog. In addition to being unable to spell, Dale immediately and hysterically screams "racism", the hallmark of the intellectually bankrupt left-winger.

The ANC regime receives overwhelming support from the black population in election after election, so black voters must clearly agree with the ANC's anti-white racist policies. However, and this is the enormously hypocritical thing, this does not stop them from wanting to parasitize white excellence.

The Sunday Times reports, for example, that white schools in suburbs are being swamped by black pupils, whose parents vote with their feet against schools staffed by black teachers in their own areas. (In the article, references to "Model C" schools apply to formerly white schools.)

One principal is quoted as saying: "They hear that the school has a 100% pass rate and they trust the white set-up far more than they trust township schools because there are no unions, no strikes."

Black schools are therefore emptying and closing, whereas white schools are overcrowded. However, this is a self-defeating, temporary practice. As soon as there are too many black pupils in a school, the standards start dropping, discipline deteriorates, whites flee and the results plummet. This cannot be overcome by merely invading white schools and within a very few years the school is another failed school.

Not merely content with plundering whites' monetary wealth by means of the obscenely racist practices of affirmative action and black economic empowerment (the latter practices are the modern-day equivalent of the systematic dispossession of Jews by the Nazis, being the systematic plunder of a racial minority's resources, merely because they are white), the parasites are now also attempting to plunder whites' intellectual wealth by systematically invading white schools.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yes of course it's apartheid, comrade Carl Niehaus...

Carl Niehaus, that Quisling, professional liar and fraudster, sans integrity, sans a PhD, sans even a bachelor's degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, says that apartheid was to blame for his bad behaviour.

Yes, of course it was, comrade.

Isn't everything that's wrong in South Africa due to apartheid? Black babies getting raped by other blacks? Apartheid. Jacob Zuma receiving money from a convicted fraudster? Apartheid. South Africa's blacks being by far the richest blacks on the continent? Apartheid.

It must have been apartheid that turned you into a traitor, a loathsome individual who sold out your soul and your people to a murderous bunch of terrorists, the ANC. You actively supported their campaign aimed at maiming and killing innocent civilians. You supported them when they killed innocent people in incidents like the Amanzimtoti shopping centre bomb.

You were deservedly locked up for your repulsive treachery, you murderous coward. You later claimed that 20 men had raped you the day before your trial. Was that a lie too, comrade? How come you didn't receive medical treatment? How come you didn't mention a word of this in your trial?

When "democracy" (sic) came to South Africa, you and your comrades wasted no time in plundering the nation's wealth. You stole, lied, cheated and defrauded your way to an extravagant lifestyle along with the rest of the fundamentally corrupt ANC cadres.

But help me her, comrade Carl. You're a white person, are you not? Didn't white people, far from being on the receiving end, benefit from apartheid? How can you then use apartheid as a justification for your behaviour? Your lies point to only one thing: the entire so-called struggle was based on lies. It was nothing more than criminal terrorists wanting to plunder a civilized, prosperous society for their own gain.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Flying high with SAA (again)

Another crew member of South African Airways (SAA) has been arrested at Heathrow with cocaine in her hand luggage. In an earlier incident, a security guard and a cabin crew member have been arrested, also for drug possession.


One would expect that the management of SAA would have taken stern action in order to prevent a recurrence after the first incident. One would however be wrong. There is no management, and has not been any management for a significant length of time. What there is, instead of management, is cronyism, corruption and theft. You know - the usual kind of thing that one finds in a country whose next president is also himself being investigated on suspicion of corruption, and where senior officials are appointed not because they are honest or capable, but because they are not white.


The current CEO of SAA, Kaya Ngqula, is under suspension. Another affirmative action appointee, one of many who have been implicated in corruption, Ngqula is also under suspicion of corruption, having awarded a tender to a consortium which allegedly included Ngqula's wife. Under his so-called "leadership", the airline has lost billions of taxpayers' money, but Nqcula has continued to pay him and his so-called board of directors millions in bonuses.


And then South Africans wonder why the British authorities have slapped visa restrictions on South Africans visiting the UK. Are there any honest South Africans left? Will South Africa's voters punish the ruling party for the breakdown of morality, for its endemic corruption.


Of course not. This is Africa. There is no link in voters' minds between their power to vote and their ability to punish the corrupt. The one and only conclusion one can draw is that African voters do not see corruption as wrong. Like the SAA cabin crew member, the only difference between a corrupt South African and another one is that the latter has not had the opportunity. Yet.

Friday, 13 February 2009

NWU and the religion of non-racism

One criticism of organized religion is that many of them do not exactly encourage critical thought. There are certain dogmas that require unquestioning belief, even though they may be illogical or contradictory.

So too, it appears, with the dogmas of the new religion of anti-racism and political correctness. The dogmas are spouted again and again, with no semblance of any critical inquiry. Certain things are automatically, unquestionably, fundamentally good, and some things are, well, just plain evil.

We all know by now what the good things are: Transformation, a.k.a. the ethnic cleansing of whites from all public and private institutions, is good without a doubt. You dare not question its validity or usefulness, at the risk of being excommunicated by the Spanish Inquisition of Political Correctness. The evil and bad things are equally easy to identify. It’s simple - there is only one evil thing, really. It’s white racism.

Is your dog pregnant? White racism. Poverty in Africa? White racism. A comet about to hit the earth? You guessed.

Take the following masterpiece of anti-racist dogma (http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-02-13-cricket-bat-beatings-at-nwu). It is about a report issued by a ministerial task team on the North West University (NWU) with campuses in Potchefstroom, Mafikeng and the Vaal Triangle.

The sensationalist headline reads: “Cricket bat beatings at NWU”. Pictures of hospital wards filled with cracked skulls spring to mind. The truth is rather more banal, however. It’s part of an initiation ceremony, one that has existed for many years, no doubt. Students are spanked on the buttocks using a cricket bat during an initiation ceremony. It’s only now become a problem, for reasons that are unclear. According to the task team, initiation practices are "racially biased".

You've lost me there. When white students spanked other whites with a cricket bat, there was no problem, apparently. The university functioned perfectly well, spankings or no spankings, for many years. What’s changed subsequently?

Some real problems are admittedly identified in the piece, such as the maladministration by the rector of the Mafikeng campus and public violence for which four students were expelled. Ranked right along these, however, is the so-called problem of students not being allowed to walk on a patch of “holy” grass. Hardly in the same league of problems, public violence and not being allowed to walk on a patch of grass as part of a student prank, wouldn’t you say?

But, wait! We have the Answer, the Way, the Light and the Truth, yea, amen!

The answer is the Holiest of Holies, the great god Transformation. (Am I blaspheming by even writing its holy name?) Coupled to this is white students whose attitude needs to change. In an extremely scientific statement, the following “problem” (sic) is identified in the report: “White students on the Potch campus view black students as guests, not equals”.

Oh, wow! What a truly profound revelation, on a par with Paul’s Damascus experience, perhaps? But hang on - how did they determine that to be the case? No sane white would admit that he is a heretic by blaspheming against the great religion of anti-racism and admitting he didn't view blacks as equals. Lemme guess. They went and asked a couple of black students what they thought those nasty, racist whites thought about them.

In a monumental non-sequitur, the so-called lack of Transformation (note the capital T) is also repeatedly identified as a “problem." So, logically, the Answer is to have complete Transformation. Nowhere, however, is any explanation proffered as to why Transformation in and of itself would be an magic bullet that would solve all the NWU’s “problems”. (Interestingly, the report itself admits that the NWU is performing above the national average.) No, it is clearly a goal, if not a God, in and of itself.

With a supreme lack of logic, the authors of both the newspaper report and the ministerial task team somehow missed the fact that the most Transformed campus, the Mafikeng one, seems to be the one with the real problems – the maladministration and public violence. Go figure…

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Time for the IEC to get its thumb out of its ass

The so-called "Independent" Electoral Commission (IEC) (in reality a collection of transformed ANC lackeys with an anti-white racist agenda, determined to deny whites the vote in any way it can) has said in its application to the court that the court decision to allow South Africans abroad to vote would be, and I quote, a "logistical nightmare" unquote.

Well, gee, whiz, IEC, we're so sorry to inconvenience you. We, the taxpayers who pay your enormous salaries, apologize most humbly that you now actually have to do some planning and remove your collective thumbs from your posterior orifices. I know this will probably mean no more arriving at 10am and leaving at 2pm as those who were appointed on the basis of their skin colour and not necessarily competence are wont to do, but hey, you do draw a fat salary, don't you? This will probably impact on your golf handicaps, I know, but you are supposed to be public servants, y'know?

I know I'm just a white guy and my thinking is admittedly not as transformed as yours is, but here's a thought. Somehow the most successful democracy of them all, the USA, manages to allow its citizens to vote by means of postal votes. So do the UK and New Zealand.

You're always telling us how South Africa is such a modern, advanced democracy. South Africa has one-sixth of the population of the USA, so surely we can do what the Yanks can do, can't we? I know a lot of the postal votes will get lost or stolen by the transformed Post Office, which is why Amazon doesn't deliver to South Africa any longer, but surely you can appoint a few token blacks in the Post Office which will in and of itself immediately resolve all the issues there, transformation being the magic bullet that it is?

Time is running out, guys. Stop shopping for your next Maybach, sexually harrassing female employees and start working for a change.

Monday, 09 February 2009

South Africa pays the price for Muslim extremism and a corrupt ruling regime

The United Kingdom has announced that, in future, South Africans will also have to apply for visas in order to visit the UK. Up to now, South Africans could visit that country for a period of up to 6 months without the need for a visa. The UK is South Africa's main trading partner, and visa restrictions would impose a significant penalty on trade between the two countries.


The reason supplied by the UK is concerns around terror, and it is not hard to guess why. South Africa has a large Muslim community and a history of Muslim extremists in its midst. One Muslim group, Pagad ("People Against Gangsterism and Drugs") were guilty of planting explosive devices at the Cape Town Waterfront. It is also rumoured that there are South African links between planned bomb attacks in the UK and refuge for alleged terrorists on local soil.


Furthermore, there seems to be a growing Muslim militancy in South Africa. During the past week, for example, an illegal demonstration was held against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, after the organizers had been forbidden from doing so by the police. A leading Muslim politician and deputy minister in the ANC regime, Fatima Hajaig, recently made remarks to the effect that Jewish money was controlling Western governments (sic.) Such talk from a senior government official could hardly have helped reassure South Africa's Western allies that South Africa did not offer sanctuary if not active assistance to Muslim extremists.


Another huge contributing factor to the visa restrictions that are to be imposed, is the endemic corruption and criminality of the ruling ANC regime. Home Affairs, the department responsible for issuing passports and identity documents, is notorious for its hugely corrupt and criminal officials. It is allegedly easy to purchase counterfeit South African passports for a few dollars from corrupt officials.


All in all, South Africa is now paying a price for entertaining the illusion of the so-called benefits of multiculturalism, as well as the extremely corrupt nature of its ruling regime, the ANC.


Science fiction or reality?

A common theme in Dystopian science fiction stories and novels is the complete breakdown of law and order, which is then restored by the hero. Here I'm thinking of for example Robocop and Escape from New York, in which the hero restores law and order by strewing the landscape with the bodies of the bad guys.

A feature of these movies is that the police forces are often extremely corrupt and that there are even tribes of police in conflict with other police or criminal tribes. Another common theme is that of the crooked cop, and corruption at high levels in the police force.

Of course these movies are aimed at tittilating the citizens of countries where there is effective policing and political accountability, and scaring the moviegoers with what might happen in the future.

What is science fiction in the United States is however reality in South Africa. The chief of police, an ANC cadre and career diplomat with no experience in policing whatsoever, called Jackie Selebi, was suspended due to his ties with organized crime. We're not talking about a precinct commander here; this joker was the country's Chief of Police.

In South Africa the traffic police are typically run by the cities, whereas the ordinary police are a national function. The traffic police do not usually investigate criminal matters other than traffic offences. In a truly bizarre incident during 2008, however, the city of Johannesburg's Metro Police and the national South African Police Services were involved in - wait for this – a shootout!

Yes, you read correctly. One police tribe shooting at another police tribe, unbelievable though this may sound. The Johannesburg Metro Police is on strike again, this time because its chief, Chris Ngcobo, is corrupt according to the ordinary members. A female police officer has additionally laid a claim against Ngcobo whom she accuses of raping her.

This is clearly a mutiny in the ranks of the Metro Police against their chief, against whom the city seems unwilling to take any action. It is probably also an opportunity for the many obese members of the Metro Police to stock up on their Big Mac calories.

What is science fiction in America, is reality in South Africa.

Sunday, 08 February 2009

Why the South African property market is a huge bubble

Influential publications such as The Economist have long held that the true economic value of a home, if a rational economic approach was the only consideration, would be the value of the rental you could obtain by owning the home plus the capital growth over time.

My contention is that the South African property market is one enormous bubble, which, in line with other international property markets, is due for a huge correction. There is no doubt that it is a bubble waiting to burst.

Let's do the math.

The average house price in South Africa is around R950,000 (more or less US$100,00.) If you were to purchase a home and obtain an 80% bond, your monthly repayments would be around R9400 per month.

Average rentals obviously vary per area, but a monthly amount of R5500 is a fair estimate of a rental for the size of house you could buy for R950,000. It should immediately be apparent that you are losing around R4000 per month, if you purchased the house as an investment, intending to rent it out.

But wait, some would say. The house is a capital asset that appreciates over time. OK, let's take 5% per annum as a long-term average capital appreciation rate. At the end of your 20 year bond period, your home would be worth R2,5 million rand. You would have paid R2,26 million in bond repayments, but would have received R2.18 million rand in rental income, assuming you increased the rentals by 5% per year as well.

Your net position after 20 years is: R2.5 million plus R2.18 million minus R2.26 million which adds up to R2.43 million. There is a problem, though – this amount is of course excluding taxes – rental income is taxable, and you'd have to pay municipal rates and taxes too.

However, if you'd merely invested your money in a bank account, at 9% interest, you'd be R6 million richer! You would have had no administration to worry about, no maintenance, and no municipal taxes. In short, buying a property at the current prices would be an extremely poor investment, far, far worse than just leaving your money in the bank, which is also not the best investment strategy.

The above of course also implies that properties in South Africa are still vastly, immensely overpriced. I would say that even halving the price of the R950,000 house would still result in a price that is too high.

There is no way that, given the current rental market, that a R950,000 house is worth that amount in economic terms, no matter what estate agents try to tell you. You would be far better off from a financial point of view renting a house. Do not even consider buying a house as an investment, because it is clear the South Africa's property market is in the throes of a huge, unsustainable bubble.

If you want a good investment, almost anything is better than South African residential property at present. Put your money in the bank, for example. At least that way, you won't have the headache of tenants wrecking your property.

Friday, 06 February 2009

The National Mall in Washington after Obama's speech

The picture below was taken at the National Mall in Washington DC, shortly after Barack Obama's speech which included references to personal responsibility.

Anybody who's been to an African city like Johannesburg or Maputo, would immediately recognize both the litter and the attitude to personal responsibility that are apparent in the picture.

Thursday, 05 February 2009

Is Acsa guilty of BEE fraud?

South Africa ostensibly put apartheid behind it in 1994. In practice, it did no such thing. What happened instead was that it merely changed the beneficiaries of state-sponsored racial discrimination. But that's OK, isn't it? I mean, as long as it's whites who are on the receiving end, nobody says a word...

One of the pillars of the neo-apartheid being perpetrated by the ANC regime against whites is known as Black Economic Empowerment or BEE. BEE is nothing but a form of racial discrimination against whites, and a legalized way of plundering of whites' resources. In addition, it represents a creeping form of nationalization by means of which white assets are systematically being stolen and placed in the hands of ANC cadres.

Because of its racialized nature and inherent dependence on cronyism, BEE lends itself to large-scale corruption. Companies are for example awarded state tenders on the basis of how many black faces work for them or how well they are connected to the ANC regime, and not on their ability to actually do the job. In the latest example of probable BEE corruption, the Airports Company (ACSA) has awarded a tender to a company called Vuda Bus.

The tender was to provide a shuttle bus service from the terminal buildings of OR Tambo International Airport to the long-term parking. (OR Tambo was formerly Johannesburg International - OR Tambo was an ANC non-entity, only known for his total mediocrity.) All good and well, except there is a problem with the awarding of the tender to Vuda. Vuda was clearly surprised by winning the tender. Perhaps those submitting the tender did not actually believe they stood a chance, or perhaps it was submitted as a joke.

You see, vuda Bus does not actually own any vehicles. It won the tender without having a single bus to its name.

It had to hastily approach the previous bus operator to borrow its vehicles. God only knows what expertise it has in terms of, say, scheduling and fleet management. How did this happen? Did somebody not actually check up on the company's credentials? You know - due diligence and all those racist practices that are apparently superfluous in the New! Improved! South Africa?

Well, the name Vuda should give us a clue. Its name indicates that it is in all probability a black-owned fronting company, no doubt with links to a) somebody high up in Acsa, or b) with connections to the ruling ANC regime. Do not be surprised if it turns out that the owner of Vuda is perhaps related to the affirmative action-appointed head of Acsa, one Monhla Hlahla.

(Practically no state-owned company such as Acsa would be headed by a white, with predictable results - the state airline, SAA, is losing billions due in no small part to the sheer incompetence of its black, affirmative-action CEO, Khaya Ngqula. Khaya Ngqula awards himself and his cronies millions and bonuses each year, in spite of costing the taxpayer billions.)

Yet again we are confronted with the gross corruption and anti-white racial capitalism which taints South African society.

Why Zuma is an appropriate leader for South Africa

The leader of the ruling party, the ANC, Jacob Zuma, will have to face a criminal trial starting in August 2009. He was fired from parliament for his nefarious dealings with a Muslim businessman and member of what is literally a crime family, Schabir Shaik. (Shaik's brother, Mo, is also being investigated for corruption around the arms deal.)

Zuma has deployed all the tricks in the legal book to stay out of court and out of jail. Would an innocent person allow accusations and charges against him to drag on for 10 years? Why not get it over with and simply prove your innocence in court, especially if you have the incentive of becoming president?

The irony is that, with an election looming in April, Zuma will probably be president of South Africa in August. A sitting president will thus be involved in a criminal trial. The first citizen of the country in the accused dock.What a truly elevating prospect for a country which aspires to be a modern, liberal democracy but which is in reality just another failed African banana republic, with a fundamentally corrupt regime at the helm.

A criminal leader for a criminal nation

Zuma's criminal trial will however not be inappropriate, considering he is the leader of what is still one of the largest organized crime organizations in the word, the ANC, a motley collection of former terrorists, Marxists, kidnappers (Winnie Mandela), the corrupted (half of the entire ANC MP's were implicated in the Travelgate scam) and other diverse criminal scum, including murderers and rapists. Furthermore, South Africa is in the top 3 nations internationally in terms of its murder rate. Since the dawn of so-called "democracy" in 1994, it has effectively become a criminal state, similar to countries like Colombia, where upward mobility means participation in crime. (In South Africa even the state participates enthusiastically in the plundering of others' resources, by means of the legalized racial theft called Black Economic Empowerment (BEE.))

Millions of idiot voters will still vote for the ANC, in spite of the very dubious morality of its leader Jacob Zuma. By voting for the ANC regime, they are sending a clear message to the rest of the world: South Africans do not view crime as morally wrong. Zuma, the criminal, is therefore a very appropriate leader of a nation of criminal rabble.

Tuesday, 03 February 2009

Azanian planning at its best

In the period around the first "democratic" (sic) elections in South Africa, around 1994, the province of Kwazulu Natal was in a state of virtual civil war. The violent conflict was mainly between the traditionalist Zulu party, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the African National Congress (ANC).


The support base of the IFP is mainly in the rural areas, whereas the ANC's tends to lean towards urban areas. Over the years, there have been many incidents of violence between supporters these two parties. Every so often, a politician is the victim of a drive-by shooting, or there are incidents of violence involving stone-throwing, sticks and even assault rifles.


With an election due in 2009, the political temperature is bound to rise, and one would logically expect the politicians involved to keep this in mind. One would expect them to do their planning in such a way that they do not create a situation that could lead to further violence.


One would be wrong. This is Azania. Things don't work that way here. Planning? What planning?


The ANC and IFP both held rallies in Nongoma over the weekend.


Both of them booked the same venue.


On the same day.


And then there are expressions of surprise and outrage all round when the rival supporters wanting to enter the same venue clash. They pretend to be surprised that violence happened. Three members of the ANC were shot shortly after the rally. Stones were thrown at buses transporting ANC members. Each party is now blaming the other party.


Once again, both the IFP and ANC were well aware of the history of violence. There was absolutely no excuse for holding the rallies at the same venue on the same day. It was either shockingly bad planning, deliberate provocation or both.

Monday, 02 February 2009

110 Kenyans qualify for the 2009 Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards are presented to individuals who, through their own stupidity, improve the gene pool of the human race by dying while doing something extremely silly, thereby preventing their clearly defective genes being passed on to another generation.

In what is probably some kind of record for both the Darwin Awards and group stupidity, at least 111 people died while attempting to scoop up fuel that was leaking from an overturned tanker near the town of Molo in Kenya. Scores of others were injured in the incident.

It somehow didn't occur to those killed and injured that a) they were dealing with a flammable substance leaking from the tanker, b) that most of them do not possess motorized vehicles of any nature and c) that overturned tankers often catch fire. I don't even want to consider the possibility that some moron dropped a lit cigarette thereby precipitating the blaze. That would really be mind-bogglingly dumb.

The tragedy may not be over yet. Presumably, many of those that did manage to survive the incident, are going to use the fuel they stole to do – what? Light fires in their homes, thereby setting fire to their shacks and in so doing perhaps kill themselves as well as a few random family members?

News reports are calling this an accident, but I disagree. The tanker overturning was an accident. The other deaths may be due to a different cause.

Zuma now has blood on his hands

In yet another example of the abuse of state resources, an individual was knocked down and killed by ANC president Jacob Zuma's blue light convoy. They were on their way to collect Zuma from an ANC meeting at Ulundi in the Kwazulu Natal province.
Note, once again, that Zuma holds no public office, although he is the head of the ANC political party. His salary is not paid by the taxpayer (one suspects he is still receiving "gifts" from the likes of Schabir Shaik, who was jailed for bribing Zuma.) How can he then insist on the use of state resources - armed police officers who are provided at the taxpayer's expense, but this luxury is not allowed to, say, Helen Zille, the head of the opposition Democratic Alliance?
The death of the innocent person at the hand of these simian assholes (and I include Zuma in the latter) is directly attributable to the abuse of state resources, something for which Jacob Zuma is already in legal trouble. The blood of the innocent person over the weekend is therefore on Zuma's conscience, or more accurately it would have been, had this corrupt polygamist had any sense of right and wrong.
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