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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Time for the IEC to get its thumb out of its ass

The so-called "Independent" Electoral Commission (IEC) (in reality a collection of transformed ANC lackeys with an anti-white racist agenda, determined to deny whites the vote in any way it can) has said in its application to the court that the court decision to allow South Africans abroad to vote would be, and I quote, a "logistical nightmare" unquote.

Well, gee, whiz, IEC, we're so sorry to inconvenience you. We, the taxpayers who pay your enormous salaries, apologize most humbly that you now actually have to do some planning and remove your collective thumbs from your posterior orifices. I know this will probably mean no more arriving at 10am and leaving at 2pm as those who were appointed on the basis of their skin colour and not necessarily competence are wont to do, but hey, you do draw a fat salary, don't you? This will probably impact on your golf handicaps, I know, but you are supposed to be public servants, y'know?

I know I'm just a white guy and my thinking is admittedly not as transformed as yours is, but here's a thought. Somehow the most successful democracy of them all, the USA, manages to allow its citizens to vote by means of postal votes. So do the UK and New Zealand.

You're always telling us how South Africa is such a modern, advanced democracy. South Africa has one-sixth of the population of the USA, so surely we can do what the Yanks can do, can't we? I know a lot of the postal votes will get lost or stolen by the transformed Post Office, which is why Amazon doesn't deliver to South Africa any longer, but surely you can appoint a few token blacks in the Post Office which will in and of itself immediately resolve all the issues there, transformation being the magic bullet that it is?

Time is running out, guys. Stop shopping for your next Maybach, sexually harrassing female employees and start working for a change.

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