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Monday, 02 February 2009

Zuma now has blood on his hands

In yet another example of the abuse of state resources, an individual was knocked down and killed by ANC president Jacob Zuma's blue light convoy. They were on their way to collect Zuma from an ANC meeting at Ulundi in the Kwazulu Natal province.
Note, once again, that Zuma holds no public office, although he is the head of the ANC political party. His salary is not paid by the taxpayer (one suspects he is still receiving "gifts" from the likes of Schabir Shaik, who was jailed for bribing Zuma.) How can he then insist on the use of state resources - armed police officers who are provided at the taxpayer's expense, but this luxury is not allowed to, say, Helen Zille, the head of the opposition Democratic Alliance?
The death of the innocent person at the hand of these simian assholes (and I include Zuma in the latter) is directly attributable to the abuse of state resources, something for which Jacob Zuma is already in legal trouble. The blood of the innocent person over the weekend is therefore on Zuma's conscience, or more accurately it would have been, had this corrupt polygamist had any sense of right and wrong.
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