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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yes of course it's apartheid, comrade Carl Niehaus...

Carl Niehaus, that Quisling, professional liar and fraudster, sans integrity, sans a PhD, sans even a bachelor's degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, says that apartheid was to blame for his bad behaviour.

Yes, of course it was, comrade.

Isn't everything that's wrong in South Africa due to apartheid? Black babies getting raped by other blacks? Apartheid. Jacob Zuma receiving money from a convicted fraudster? Apartheid. South Africa's blacks being by far the richest blacks on the continent? Apartheid.

It must have been apartheid that turned you into a traitor, a loathsome individual who sold out your soul and your people to a murderous bunch of terrorists, the ANC. You actively supported their campaign aimed at maiming and killing innocent civilians. You supported them when they killed innocent people in incidents like the Amanzimtoti shopping centre bomb.

You were deservedly locked up for your repulsive treachery, you murderous coward. You later claimed that 20 men had raped you the day before your trial. Was that a lie too, comrade? How come you didn't receive medical treatment? How come you didn't mention a word of this in your trial?

When "democracy" (sic) came to South Africa, you and your comrades wasted no time in plundering the nation's wealth. You stole, lied, cheated and defrauded your way to an extravagant lifestyle along with the rest of the fundamentally corrupt ANC cadres.

But help me her, comrade Carl. You're a white person, are you not? Didn't white people, far from being on the receiving end, benefit from apartheid? How can you then use apartheid as a justification for your behaviour? Your lies point to only one thing: the entire so-called struggle was based on lies. It was nothing more than criminal terrorists wanting to plunder a civilized, prosperous society for their own gain.

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