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Thursday, 05 February 2009

Why Zuma is an appropriate leader for South Africa

The leader of the ruling party, the ANC, Jacob Zuma, will have to face a criminal trial starting in August 2009. He was fired from parliament for his nefarious dealings with a Muslim businessman and member of what is literally a crime family, Schabir Shaik. (Shaik's brother, Mo, is also being investigated for corruption around the arms deal.)

Zuma has deployed all the tricks in the legal book to stay out of court and out of jail. Would an innocent person allow accusations and charges against him to drag on for 10 years? Why not get it over with and simply prove your innocence in court, especially if you have the incentive of becoming president?

The irony is that, with an election looming in April, Zuma will probably be president of South Africa in August. A sitting president will thus be involved in a criminal trial. The first citizen of the country in the accused dock.What a truly elevating prospect for a country which aspires to be a modern, liberal democracy but which is in reality just another failed African banana republic, with a fundamentally corrupt regime at the helm.

A criminal leader for a criminal nation

Zuma's criminal trial will however not be inappropriate, considering he is the leader of what is still one of the largest organized crime organizations in the word, the ANC, a motley collection of former terrorists, Marxists, kidnappers (Winnie Mandela), the corrupted (half of the entire ANC MP's were implicated in the Travelgate scam) and other diverse criminal scum, including murderers and rapists. Furthermore, South Africa is in the top 3 nations internationally in terms of its murder rate. Since the dawn of so-called "democracy" in 1994, it has effectively become a criminal state, similar to countries like Colombia, where upward mobility means participation in crime. (In South Africa even the state participates enthusiastically in the plundering of others' resources, by means of the legalized racial theft called Black Economic Empowerment (BEE.))

Millions of idiot voters will still vote for the ANC, in spite of the very dubious morality of its leader Jacob Zuma. By voting for the ANC regime, they are sending a clear message to the rest of the world: South Africans do not view crime as morally wrong. Zuma, the criminal, is therefore a very appropriate leader of a nation of criminal rabble.

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