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Monday, 09 February 2009

South Africa pays the price for Muslim extremism and a corrupt ruling regime

The United Kingdom has announced that, in future, South Africans will also have to apply for visas in order to visit the UK. Up to now, South Africans could visit that country for a period of up to 6 months without the need for a visa. The UK is South Africa's main trading partner, and visa restrictions would impose a significant penalty on trade between the two countries.


The reason supplied by the UK is concerns around terror, and it is not hard to guess why. South Africa has a large Muslim community and a history of Muslim extremists in its midst. One Muslim group, Pagad ("People Against Gangsterism and Drugs") were guilty of planting explosive devices at the Cape Town Waterfront. It is also rumoured that there are South African links between planned bomb attacks in the UK and refuge for alleged terrorists on local soil.


Furthermore, there seems to be a growing Muslim militancy in South Africa. During the past week, for example, an illegal demonstration was held against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, after the organizers had been forbidden from doing so by the police. A leading Muslim politician and deputy minister in the ANC regime, Fatima Hajaig, recently made remarks to the effect that Jewish money was controlling Western governments (sic.) Such talk from a senior government official could hardly have helped reassure South Africa's Western allies that South Africa did not offer sanctuary if not active assistance to Muslim extremists.


Another huge contributing factor to the visa restrictions that are to be imposed, is the endemic corruption and criminality of the ruling ANC regime. Home Affairs, the department responsible for issuing passports and identity documents, is notorious for its hugely corrupt and criminal officials. It is allegedly easy to purchase counterfeit South African passports for a few dollars from corrupt officials.


All in all, South Africa is now paying a price for entertaining the illusion of the so-called benefits of multiculturalism, as well as the extremely corrupt nature of its ruling regime, the ANC.

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