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Sunday, 01 March 2009

Cope self-destructs

And so the political party Cope self-destructs – if not politically, then at least as far as its credibility is concerned.

Cope keeps making promises about accountability and its
commitment to fighting corruption. Having made all these promises, however, what does it do in the key Western Cape province, the one in which the opposition parties stand a realistic chance of usurping the ANC’s provincial government?

It elects Allan Boesak as its candidate for provincial premier. For those not familiar with this Boesak's past, he was the one who
embezzled Danish donors’ funds.

The abovementioned donor funds were intended for the poor, amongst which Boesak’s own flock must surely count. Boesak, however, like Carl Niehaus, another corrupt cleric formerly associated with the ANC, clearly has a taste for the high life, especially so when there are women around. In particular, relationships across the colour line seem to hold a peculiar fascination for the ANC's cadres.

Niehaus has been married to black women twice, something which was illegal under the apartheid government. Boesak, a coloured (in South Africa this indicates a mixed-race, as opposed to black, individual), also started an adulterous affair with a white journalist, Elna Boesak, for whom he left his wife. Hardly behavior befitting a man of the cloth, but something paled when compared to his next misstep.

Rumour has it that one cause of Niehaus’s current financial woes was the demands that the women in his life made on him in terms of lifestyle. Boesak seems to have had similar issues, because he stole the Danish donor funds after he became involved with Elna. Boesak stole from the poor to fund a lavish lifestyle and fancy house, no doubt, and also possibly to keep Elna in the style she thought she deserved. Hardly the stuff of priestly virtue and celibacy, but regrettably exactly like Niehaus and any number of ANC cadres known for their extravagance.

Boesak was sentenced to prison for his theft, but was later pardoned by president Thabo Mbeki after serving time in prison. However, pardon or no pardon, the fact remains that Boesak is a lowlife, and clearly unfit to hold public office. Cope hasn’t won any seats in parliament yet, and already if sullies its reputation by picking criminals like Boesak as its candidate.

Cope has shown itself to be no better than the bunch of thieves, terrorists, murderers and scumbags known as the ANC, from whence most of its leadership came. But here’s the irony: there will still be idiot voters who vote for Cope, even with the Boesaks of this word on its list of candidates. They will believe the words gushed by the politicians, and not consider their actions.
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