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Monday, 23 March 2009

Criminality is rewarded in the transformed South Africa

Rear admiral Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala (and don't you just LOVE the pretentious double-barrel surname, borne by somebody who is clearly not fit to be a domestic servant?), an affirmative-action appointee in the South African Navy, was found guilty on four counts of fraud, loss of state equipment, crimen injuria and assault during 2008. She received a suspended sentence after stealing a notebook computer from the navy and assaulting a sentry.

Litchfield-Tshabalala was the navy's director of transformation. "Transformation" is the ANC regime's code for anti-white racism, and a catch-all phrase for the deliberate ethnic cleansing of whites from all public life. The admiral's criminality is therefore not without great irony, seeing that transformation is in fact nothing less the criminal plunder of white assets, and a systematic, Nazi-like campaign of racial hate against whites. She was thus the navy's director of criminal actions against white members of the navy.

Not only has transformation produced shining paragons of integrity like our dear Khanyisile, but it has also caused most expertise (i.e. whites) to flee the navy as their career opportunities became seriously limited. The net result is that the navy, in spite of its new vessels worth billions of dollars, is no longer able to defeat somebody rowing a kayak. It is rumoured that the exit of expertise caused by racist transformation has left the navy with expensive white elephant vessels that are lying idle, because their commanding officers were selected because they were black, and not because they are capable seamen.

The admiral has been on leave since August 2008, but has been receiving a full salary regardless. And now, to add insult to injury, and with jaw-dropping illogic, she has received a performance bonus of R25000 (approximately $2500). Yes, you read correctly, she has been rewarded for her criminality.

This is of course nothing new in the banana republic that South Africa has become since 1994. Why, even our next president is about to be rewarded for his criminal ties with Schabir Shaik.
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