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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Diversity: too much hard work with no upside

In our modern, advanced and enlightened age, we have moved beyond primitive superstitions and beliefs, have we not? We can look back at the Catholic Church's threats against Galileo for daring to have wild theories about the solar system and nod sagely and feel smug that we've moved on.

The problem is of course we haven't really moved on. We are still scared of the modern-day equivalent of the Catholic Church: political correctness. There are certain things we dare not do, say or think, just like Galileo. One of them is to even dare to question the benefits of the great god diversity.

Diversity and the blind, unthinking and uncritical pursuit thereof have reached quasi-religious proportions. Anything that promotes or increases diversity is per definition good. Any resistance to diversity is by nature evil. It is frowned upon and open resistance to diversity is tantamount to heresy. It can cost you your reputation, if not your job.

Diversity, of course, means one thing and one thing only. It is rather like an electronic diode, allowing current to flow in only one direction. Diversity always means reducing the number of straight white males in any given situation, and replacing them with others – blacks, Asians or Latinos. Like the diode above, it never works in the opposite direction. Nobody would dare to suggest that the 100m Olympic sprint team representing the USA would benefit from fewer black faces and more whites.

A lack of diversity is however the natural state of affairs. Nobody had to teach you to associate with your own kind of kids on the school playground. You just did it. Nobody gave you a course to help you choose where you bought a dwelling – you naturally migrated to a neighborhood populated by people who looked more or less like you. It wasn't that you hated others, it was just natural and comfortable to associate with those who resembled you.

This is not the case with diversity. It is damn hard work. People have to be forced by law to participate in it. Another favourite word is "tolerance." If you have to tolerate something, it implies that you don't really like it. Organizations like the extreme left-wing, white-bashing Southern Poverty Law Center even have courses that aim to educate people to quote "appreciate diversity" unquote.

Nobody can furthermore explain the value proposition of diversity to me as a white man. Why must I attend courses and peruse handbooks to learn about it? What's in it for me? Where's the benefit? The answer is of course that there's no upside to me as a white man. On the contrary: people like me getting barred from colleges in the name of diversity is diametrically opposed to my best interests.

Not only is it not in my interests at all, it's way too much effort. I enjoy doing what comes naturally. It's nice associating with my own kind. I like to do things that make me feel comfortable. If I have to attend a course to get along with my neighbors, I may just possibly be living in the wrong area, y' know?

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