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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dropping charges against Zuma will accelerate the descent into a failed state

During a speech at the University of Pretoria, Mo Shaik, brother of convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik and himself a person of very suspect morals, not to mention a member of the Xhosa-Muslim-Communist clique running the ANC, that the National Prosecuting Authority would drop the case against Jacob Zuma.

Zuma is under investigation for nefarious dealings with Schabir Shaik. Shaik was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but was recently bizarrely paroled on so-called medical parole, although he suffers from nothing more serious than high blood pressure. According to the evidence, Zuma received bribes from Shaik as part of South Africa's infamous arms deal.

Logic dictates that there are two sides to bribery: the person doing the bribing, and the recipient. If the person doing the bribing is sentenced to jail, how can the counterparty get off scot free? However, this being Africa, such things are indeed possible.

It seems likely that Zuma will become president and not face jail, because the moronic majority of voters who are unable to discern between right and wrong, and who indeed seem to admire criminality, if they are not criminals themselves, will re-elect the criminal ANC regime. Should Mo Shaik be correct, however, and the case against Zuma indeed be dropped, it would be a body blow to fairness, transparency and equality before the law.

It would send out an unambiguous message: if you have political connections to the corrupt ANC regime, you are above the law. Should you not have such connections, as is the case with Clive Derby-Lewis, you can expect to rot in jail. Derby-Lewis, in spite of being a model prisoner, is being refused parole, whereas the scumbag Shaik was released on medical parole.

South Africa's criminal regime is mounting increasing pressure on the justice system, and in so doing eroding one of the cornerstones of a functional democracy. Should Zuma's case be dismissed, South Africa's descent into a failed, criminal state, a process already in progress, will be accelerated.

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