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Tuesday, 03 March 2009

The only chronic thing here is the ANC's bullshit

Schabir Shaik, convicted fraudster and South Africa's next president's financial "advisor" (in reality his partner in crime) has been released from prison on "medical grounds" (sic.)

No, that's not quite accurate. Shaik has spent very little time of his 28-month sentence actually behind bars. He was in fact in hospital most of the time, ostensibly suffering from high blood pressure. He was in reality released from hospital, not prison, on medical parole.

Up to now, medical parole has only been granted to those in the last stages of terminal conditions, in order to allow them to die at home, and even then this was rare. Thousands of AIDS cases die in prison annually. High blood pressure is not a terminal disease, although its complications may be. However, the interesting thing is Shaik immediately went home from "prison." He was not discharged and didn't go to a hospital for further treatment, as one would expect for someone with such a "serious" condition, but rather to his own dwelling. I suspect it will be a long wait before Shaik actually goes to a hospital of his own volition. Strange, that...

Furthermore, a very large proportion of South Africa's prison population suffers from another chronic disease called AIDS, one which is also potentially fatal and possibly more serious than mere high blood pressure. Will they too be allowed out of prison now, seeing that Shaik was allowed out? The authorities can hardly be consistent if they don't immediately release all HIV+ prisoners too, seeing the Shaik was let out.

The whole thing was a sham, a charade, a mockery of justice. Shaik's medical parole was granted for one reason only: as a political favour to Jacob Zuma. In what would surely be an extremely embarrassing "coincidence" in any civilized country, Jacob Zuma over the weekend said that he was of the opinion Shaik should be released. Voila! A few days later, in a ground-breaking ruling, Shaik is granted medical parole, and will probably spend his first night partying the night away by breakdancing in a night club.

Once again it is clear that there are one set of rules and laws for the ordinary people on the street or in prison, and another set entirely for those connected to the ANC regime. Seeing that Shaik has been rewarded for his despicable criminal acts by being let out of prison, can we expect to see the criminal Shaik as a replacement for Trevor Manuel - South Africa's next minister of finance?
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