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Tuesday, 03 March 2009

How dumb are the Stormers' selectors?

On Saturday the 7th of March, the Stormers are facing the Bulls in a Super 14 rugby match at Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria.
One of the possible members of the Stormers squad is one Luke Puke Watson, the player who insulted Afrikaners by using the perjorative term "Dutchmen" to describe us, and who feels the need to vomit on the Springbok rugby emblem.
Watson has already and deservedly been booed in earlier matches played at his home ground, Newlands. There is a much bigger problem waiting in Pretoria on Saturday, however. There are a million or more Afrikaners who live in Pretoria and surrounds, and the Afrikaners who live in Pretoria are a lot less forgiving than those in Watson's home town, Cape Town. Mr Watson can expect a very, very hot and hostile reception from the Loftus crowd.
That is if he is picked. One wonders whether the Stormers' selectors and coach Rassie Erasmus are really that dumb. Surely you don't want to place your team under added pressure, given that they've already lost two of their matches? Might there on the other hand be political pressure brought to bear on the Stormers' management, which would force their inclusion of this loathsome individual, to prove some kind of point?
I personally hope, as an Afrikaner, that they do pick Watson, and that he hears first-hand what we think of him.
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