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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Yet another masterpiece in incompetence from the ANC regime

There is one talent that the ANC regime has perfected: its infinite ability to suprise us all with the sheer magnitude of its utter stupidity.

Nothing is better proof of this than the laughable discussion document drawn up by the Ministry of Sport. This document aimed to give the fat, incompetent minister (does the ANC have any other kind of minister, except for the incompetents?) of sport, Makhenkesi Stofile, sweeping powers to interfere in sports team selection and sports administration.

Just like the ANC's transformed sports administrators bungled the Beijing Olympics - South Africa's total medal tally in all Olympic events: a full 1. One.

The minister would, for example, be able pick players. Had this become law, you could bet your bottom dollar that Puke Watson would have been honorary lifelong captain of the Springbok rugby team. Other absurd proposals in the document included control over teams' clothing colours.

Gert "Quisling" Oosthuizen, incompetent ANC sycophant

It however finally dawned on the (white) ANC deputy minister of sport and sometime Quisling to his own people, Gert Oosthuizen, and Stofile that they would be made a laughing stock, had this been put before parliament. They then promptly disavowed all knowledge of the document, something the transformed personnel of the Department of Sport had been labouring over for years, no doubt. Are the ministers really, seriously telling us they didn't know about this?

If they are, they should immediately be fired. How can a minister not know what his department is busy with? By disowning the document, both Stofile and Oosthuizen have admitted that they are incompetent.

For how much longer are we going to tolerate being ruled by these complete morons?

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