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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Where's my blue light convoy?

According to a Durban legal expert, JP Purshotam, the use of the state's resources such as police in the infamous blue-light convoys is illegal. There is no law in South Africa's constitution governing the use of blue-light convoys. According to Pursotham, all South Africans are entitled to protection, and not only the so-called VIP's.

The reason is simple: the constitution makes no distinction between ordinary citizens and VIP's. This is especially true in the case of the corrupt, criminal polygamist, the odious, un-educated next president of the Azanian republic, one Jacob Zuma. Although this non-entity has a motorcade at times consisting of 33 vehicles, he holds no public office. The lowliest civil servant therefore has more of a claim to public protection than Zuma, seeing that the former is paid using public funds, but not the latter.

If the corrupt polygamist Zuma can demand a convoy protected by police, so can any other citizen, except that it doesn't happen quite that way in an African banana republic, does it?

I therefore propose a new name for these idiotic baboons who appropriate the state's resources to themselves, who abuse our tax money by squandering it on blue light convoys, because they in their 70-IQ little minds consider themselves to be important.

VIPs = Very Insignificant Pricks.

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