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Wednesday, 07 January 2009

Gaza and Zimbabwe

South Africa's ANC regime, by means of the loose cannon Gwede Mantashe, has wasted no time in condemning Israels military incursion into Gaza.

The ANC regime is, however, strangely silent about the root cause of the incursion: the firing of rockets aimed to terrorize innocent civilians by Hamas's Muslim extremists. Perhaps we should not be too surprised by this. The ANC is a terrorist organization, whose methods closely resembled Hamas's: bombs in shopping centres and the murder of political opponents by means of the notorious necklacing method (setting alight a gasoline-filled tyre draped around the victim's neck.) Hamas and the ANC are obviously birds of a feather, brothers in terror, as it were.

Israel is thousands of kilometers away from South Africa. The conflict has very little to do with South Africa. There is another conflict zone right across the border from South Africa. In the nineties, 20,000 Matabeles were murdered in another military incursion, that of the 5th Brigade into Matabeleland. The Matabele are blood relatives of South Africa's Zulus - they were a Zulu faction that fled Chaka's bloodthirsty pogroms.

The country is of course Zimbabwe. As you are reading this, people are dying in Zimbabwe, due to the Mugabe regime's callous indifference to the plight of its own people. People are dying of cholera, amongst other causes. People are being detained without trial. People are tortured by the regime's police. More people have died of cholera in Zimbabwe than have died in Gaza up to date.

And the ANC's reaction to the plight of their black brothers a mere few hundred kilometers from Pretoria? Stony silence. Not a word in condemnation. It screams blue murder about a deserved retaliation thousands of kilometers away, but not a word about the plight of its fellow blacks right next door.

ANC logic at its best, not so?
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