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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Cope needs to be careful with whom it associates itself

Rumours have it that the ANC splinter group, the new political party Cope, is about to welcome Saki Macozoma into its midst.
Macozoma is a long-time ANC member and spent time on Robben Island, so his Struggle credentials are not in question. The problem with Macozoma is that he was involved with a major funding scandal, in which R9 million (+-$1 million) was illegally diverted to the ANC's coffers.
Cope is wont to make public utterances about its commitment to fighting corruption. How, then, can it welcome people tainted by scandal like Macozoma into its midst, and be taken seriously? You cannot be slightly pregnant. Similarly, you cannot pay lip service to fighting corruption, but then consort with known miscreants like Macozoma.
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