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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jimmy Manyi's philosophical dilemma

Jimmy Manyi, chairman of an organization that is racist by definition, the Black Management Forum, is extremely upset by the new poitical party, Cope's, views on affirmative action (AA).

What upset Manyi, one of the praise singers of the increasingly Afro-fascist ANC regime, is that Cope dared to suggest that factors other than race needed to be taken into account. For example: why should one of the children of the obscenely rich pigs at the trough such as Tokyo Sexwale, who are systematically plundering the nation's wealth, receive preferential treatment, above for example a white youth whose family is living in poverty?

Cope's suggestions nevertheless outraged Manyi. The question that now arises is: why is he so upset? Does Manyi still believe that Sexwale's children deserve to be the beneficiaries of AA, regardless of their wealth? Whites are less than one-tenth of South Africa's total population. It is a matter of demographic certainty that, given time, the 80% black majority will eventually occupy 80% of all professional and managerial positions.

Or is it?

The unspoken assumption here is that blacks and whites, given equal opportunities, will produce equal outcomes and achieve similar professional heights. Why, then, does Manyi insist on a continuous handicapping system for blacks, the obscene racism known as affirmative action, given the apparent demographic inevitability?

There can be only one explanation: deep in his heart, Manyi has immense feelings of inferiority towards white people. He clearly does not believe that whites and blacks can compete on a level playing field. Does Manyi lie in his bed at night, wondering if he'd still be an executive at Tiger Brands if he were not black? Does Manyi perhaps believe that there is, and dare I suggest this, a genetic handicap that affirmative action has to compensate for, and keep compensating for for ever?
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