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Monday, 26 January 2009

Luke Watson should accept that his career in SA rugby is over

Luke Watson, he of wanting to puke on the Springbok emblem fame and insulting people like me - Afrikaners (the African descendants of Dutch, German and French immigrants since 1652), was predictably booed during a match at Newlands against the English club Saracens. Newlands happens to be the home ground of Watson's provincial club side, the Stormers, so Watson was booed on his home turf.

How dim-witted and thick-skinned can a player be, not to mention the game's administrators? Did he really, honestly imagine he could simply walk back onto the field this season as if he had done nothing wrong?

Furthermore, Newlands is hardly the most conservative rugby ground in the country. The Western Cape has traditionally been more liberal than the rest of South Africa. Its crowd is the only one which routinely has a large number of non-white supporters who attend games. This does not apply to the northern provinces of the country.

If Luke Watson gets booed at his home ground, by a relatively liberal crowd of spectators, the mind boggles about the welcome that will await him at Loftus Versfeld, should the Stormers' selection staff be stupid enough to choose the odious Watson for a game there.

Watch the Aussie press go bananas as Puke Watson runs onto the field Down Under and gets booed by South African expats rightly outraged by Watson's hate for their kind. This is 100% guaranteed to cause huge embarrassment to SARU, already known for lurching from crisis to crisis.

There are certain things that you cannot recover from. Accidentally calling your wife by your mistress's name whilst having sex is one of these things. Deliberately insulting an ethnic group who happen to be the majority of supporters of your chosen sport is another. Watson must be either incredibly thick-skinned or incredibly naive to want to continue playing rugby in South Africa.

In an absolutely disgraceful and sickening display of anti-white bias, however, the Western Cape's provincial government has condemned the booing. Let us understand this in context: it's apparently OK for Watson to racially insult Afrikaners, but even the most insignificant incident of so-called racism perpetrated by other whites without the Quisling-like "Struggle" credentials of traitors like Watson, invites a storm of condemnation from what is surely the most racist regime on the planet, the ANC. Its spokesman, Cameron Dugmore, said he was angry. No kidding, Cameron! I'm extremely pissed off even looking at Watson's loathsome face on a rugby pitch.

The only honourable course of action for this third-rate player and embarrassment of an anti-Afrikaner bigot, is to retire from the game to go and face the obscurity he so richly deserves. Dear Luke Puke Watson: please do us all a favour, including yourself, and retire with the few shreds of dignity you have left. Go and become something more suitable to your extremely limited talents. An ANC member of parliament springs to mind, requiring as it does no intelligence, no integrity and at most a measure of anti-white racism.

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