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Monday, 19 January 2009

Eish, thees ees Azanian plenning...

Mpumalanga is one of the more backward provinces in South Africa, not least in terms of the intellectual capabilities of its politicians. Its school leavers routinely distinguish themselves by their dismal pass rates. They clearly go straight from failing Grade 12 into political or public service careers, earning Mpumalanga its nickname: "Mamparralanga". A mamparra is as slang term for a moron or an idiot.
This time the Mpumalanga planners (although these 2 words constitute an oxymoron) have really outdone themselves. They have spent R10 million (approximately US$1million) of the taxpayers' money on a jazz festival. In the 2 days that the festival lasted, however, fewer than 3000 people bought tickets, but only 1500 people actually attended the non-event.
This translates to a government subsidy of R3,000 per ticket - in other words, the complete and utter idiots who "planned" (sic) the concert, subsidized the patrons to the tune of US$300 each.
This in a province with dire poverty, AIDS, malaria and other social problems, where this kind of money could have built 30 houses or bought malaria medication for thousands.
Once again the mind boggles at this brilliant example of African and Azanian incompetence.
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