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Monday, 01 December 2008

Yet another compelling argument in favour of church unity

The former "white" churches in the Dutch Reformed family, such as the NGK (Dutch Reformed), Gereformeerde Kerk and Hervormde Kerk are under huge pressure from the left to merge with the formerly "coloured" church, also known as the "VGK" (Uniting Reformed Church.)

The head of the VGK, until very recently, was the convicted swindler and adulterer, Rev Allan Boesak, a prime example of New South African criminality. Boesak has been at the forefront of pushing a loathsome piece of anti-white political propaganda, the Confession of Belhar, down the throat of white churchgoers. This document has met with deserved resistance from white quarters.

This article provides yet another compelling reason for the churches to merge. A minister in the VGK (presumably properly ordained), one Billy Rayners, stabbed one of his elders in the head in South Africa's Western Cape province.

Are we to assume that other disagreements in the church, once it merges with the others, for example about gay rights, will be settled in a similar fashion? I can see how a synod will disintegrate into a gunfight about whether gay marriages should be allowed, truly an elevating prospect.

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