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Monday, 01 December 2008

Cheeky Watson wins the Kurt Gödel prize for 2008

Kurt Gödel is widely seen as the most significant logician of the 20th century.
In the proud tradition of Gödel, we have our own master logician, one Cheeky Watson. Cheeky Watson, a veteran anti-apartheid campaigner and a legend in his own mind, has just been appointed the president of the dismal Eastern Province Rugby Union. The EPRU has never won the Currie Cup and looks highly unlikely to do so in future. Could this be due to its successful transformation programme?
The Eastern Cape, in addition to generally sucking at rugby, is also the home of the powerful Xhosa faction of the ANC, such as Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela, so it is no surprise that Watson would win the presidency there. In addition to being a logician of note as well as a loose forward who would have done any under 11-C team proud, Watson is also a prime exponent of the art of ass-kissing when it comes to the ANC.
In his opening address, and in a masterful display of his genius at the art of logic, Watson called for more blacks in top positions in SA Rugby. As many of the replies to this article have pointed out, the fact that Watson himself is a pale male, seems to have been totally lost on this wonderful logician. Lesser mortals like us would have expected that the logical thing for Watson to have done would be to step down in favour of a black president, but clearly Watson's advanced thinking is on a different level and he clearly has his reasons for not doing so. Either that, or perhaps he doesn't own a mirror and doesn't know he's a mhlungu.
I therefore have no hesitation in awarding the Kurt Gödel prize (honoris causa) to Cheeky Watson, South African rugby's greatest logician.
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