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Wednesday, 03 December 2008

The city Johannesburg's - South Africa's largest city - municipal accounts have been chaotic for a number of years now. Ratepayers would receive either no account at all for month, or a sudden, unexpected account for R200,000, which they'd have to pay immediately.

Calling the call centre to resolve billing issues, is reputedly an exercise in frustration. You will be put on hold until 2015, put through to the wrong people or cut off because the operator is going on lunch after holding on for 3 hours.

All the above happened for a well-known reason: the ANC's Afro-fascist commitment to the purging all whites from all levels of government and business, and replacing them with blacks. Competence, ability and qualifications mostly don't matter. This black-on-white racism is known by the euphemism "transformation".

The word sounds very positive, but in reality transformation is akin to the process whereby the Nazis transformed German society to one free of Jews. The parallels are disturbing: whites, especially Afrikaners, are a minority in South Africa. Just like the Nazis, a hostile regime, the former band of terrorists known as the ANC, is actively purging whites from South African society.

For many years before the current kleptocracy took over the billing department worked pretty well, admittedly with occasional glitches, but since the pernicious effects of transformation took hold, it's been downhill all the way. Today's billing is chaotic, and this is a direct result of transformation. This is repeated across the country, in all the transformed municipalities. No-one is surprised: the municipal manager, the most senior appointment in a city council, is often a political appointee, with no financial knowledge whatsoever. Incredibly, fewer than 1 in 5 city councilmen actually understand the relationship between rates and taxes and their city's budget.

In the latest bizarre twist, VAT (Value Added or Sales tax in some countries) is being calculated at wildly fluctuating rates on ratepayers' electricity accounts. The transformed billing department has seemingly lost the ability to multiply an amount by 1.14 to correctly calculate the 14% VAT due on any amount. Instead, VAT is being calculated on electricity bills at anything between 15 and 50%.

Is that DIVIDE by 1.14?

The anti-apartheid activist, Allan Boesak, was jailed for fraud after embezzling Danish donor funds meant for the poor, to fund his lavish lifestyle. He referred to his behaviour as "Struggle Accounting." Are we now seeing the first signs of "Struggle Billing?"
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