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Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Predictable, Kgalema

President Kgalema Motlanthe, after only a few months in office, yesterday fired suspended prosecutions chief Vusi Pikoli. It didn't take all that long for Motlanthe to show his true colours as a mere stooge of more powerful interests within the ANC, who will think nothing of abandoning principle in favour of narrow party or personal interests.
Those interests are nothing more than those of a corrupt polygamist (at the last count he had 5 wives and God knows how many other concubines and children) called Jacob Zuma, an idiot with a 4th grade education who thinks that showering after porking an HIV+ person will prevent AIDS.
The real reason behind firing Pikoli was not that he "wasn't sensitive to national security", the ridiculous confabulation that the puppet Motlanthe gave. The real reason was that Pikoli was too independently-minded, and would be sure to prosecute the likes of Zuma and his cronies who form part of the fundamentally corrupt gang of criminal scum known as the ANC.
Zuma is as guilty as sin of gross corruption and theft. A corrupt Indian businessman, Schabir Shaik, has been jailed for 15 years for bribing Zuma. Zuma, that shining example of moral rectitude, will now be rewarded with the presidency in 2009 for his troubles.
With so-called leaders like the odious individual Zuma, is it any wonder that Africa will forever be the continent of losers?
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