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Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Why are most black-on-white murders not seen as racist attacks?

The Beeld newspaper, an Afrikaans-language newspaper in South Africa, reports that five black youths are part of a gang that murdered an 81-year old white person in the suburb of Primrose in Gauteng. The elderly white man was killed for drug money, according to the police.

A few years ago, 4 white school boys known as the Waterkloof 4, assaulted a black vagrant in a park in Pretoria. He died as a result. It is unclear whether the thugs intended to kill the man, because according to them he was still alive when they left the scene. The liberal media however went to town on this incident, wasting no time whatsoever in screaming that the murder was a racist murder (as opposed to common thuggery.)

I am prepared to bet a large amount of money, however, that the media will not call the 5 black youngsters who murdered a white senior citizen the "Primrose 5." The murder will not be called a racist murder, but will instead be ascribed to ordinary crime. The press will go out of its way not to report on the race of the black perpetrators. If anything, they will start gushing sympathy for these murderous animals, and ascribe their behaviour to apartheid or colonialism.

There is something very, very wrong here, people. If a white kills a black, it is almost per definition a racist murder. If a gang of black thugs murders a white person, it is suddenly reduced to "ordinary crime", swept under the carpet and dismissed. This cannot be right. If crime across racist boundaries is automatically seen as racism, then it cannot only work against whites.

If crimes of whites against blacks are racist, then blacks murdering whites is violent racism too.
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