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Thursday, 04 December 2008

Accountability: Africa's biggest problem

The civil rights group Afriforum is about to sue the South African government over crime. According to Afriforum, the government has failed to come up with any cogent strategy to combat the scourge of crime (no kidding - which African government has ever shown itself able to strategize?) Twenty thousand people are murdered annually but the fat cat politicians of the world's biggest kleptocracy, the terminally corrupt ANC regime, seem more concerned with their blue light convoys and plundering the economy.

During a radio interview, Kallie Kriel, the head of Afriforum, made a very interesting observation. In spite of the rampant crime in the country, not one minister has resigned. The corrupt Chief of Police, Jackie Selebi, had to be fired and would never have considered leaving office voluntarily.

Contrast this with India, where top government officials have resigned after the Mumbai attacks. Such a step would be unthinkable for any African government minister, regardless of his or her criminality or gross incompetence.

The epitome of competence and accountability. Or not.

It is called accountability. Taking responsibility. Something which is totally foreign to African leaders, and seemingly also a concept the idiot voters who continue voting for useless, corrupt, incompetent leaders, seem unable to grasp.

People deserve the government they get. As long as Africans are unable or unwilling to embrace accountability, it will remain the most wretched continent on earth.
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