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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mike Sutcliffe, idiot extraordinaire

Mike Sutcliffe is the town clerk (muncipal manager) of eThekwini - "The Place by the Bull's Testicles" in Zulu. Also known as Durban.
Sutcliffe is notorious for his tasteless, Afro-kitsch dress sense, self consciously favouring gaudy, Madiba-type shirts. Typical of your leftie white liberal, kissing Azanian ass wherever he goes, and generally trying much, much too hard to be in with the right crowd.
To call Sutcliffe monumentally incompetent, would be to flatter him greatly. Under his so-called management, Durban's beaches have literally become cesspools, reeking of human excrement, and have accordingly lost their international blue-flag status.
However, true to his Marxist, totalitarian ideology, and like so many incompetents, Suttcliffe is above criticism in his own little mind. Dare to criticize him, and he is apparently prone to childish temper tantrums and outbursts. How professional can you get?

Incompetent Commie asshole with bad dress sense

The Stalinist ANC city council, enthusiastically supported by the sycophantic Sutcliffe, has decided to rename hundreds of Durban's streets. Amongst those honoured are such luminaries as Andrew Zondo, the simian scum who murdered innocent civilians in the Amanzimtoti bombing. Ché Guevara, a Marxist mass murderer, likewise has a street named after him.

While Durban's roads are degenerating to potholes joined by small pieces of tar, the council is spending millions on renaming streets in honour of terrorists, criminals and other sub-human scum. All of this is happening in the face of vehement opposition from for example the IFP and DA. A huge number of objections - 28000 - have been received.

Sutcliffe, true Stalinist asshole that he is, is unfazed by this. During an SABC radio interview, his recommendation is that those objecting to the name changes "will have to get used to it" (sic.)

Fortunately the citizens of Durban have had enough of this totalitarianism. Some of the new street signs have been defaced already. Well done to those who are responsible. Expressing your displeasure in this way is not a crime - it is justified resistance against an oppressive regime. The only reason why idiots like Sutcliffe are able to impose their will on us, is because we allow them to.

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