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Friday, 08 August 2008

Back to the future on agriculture

Measured even by the subterranean standards of the intellectual vacuum represented by the ANC regime, Lulu Xingwana represents a special case. This so-called cabinet minister has to qualify as either one of the most dim-witted specimens of simian life ever to blight the planet with her presence, or one of the most recalcitrant and deliberately obstructionist Stalinist ideologues in history.

Ms Xingwana has occupied the post of minister of agriculture since 2006. In all this time, she has been seemingly oblivious to the fact that the disastrous programme of Zimbabwe-like land redistribution has been systematically destroying the country's agriculture. Or was she perhaps for reasons of anti-white racism and Afro-fascist ideology deliberate in her attempts to destroy agriculture? Either way, either her incompetence or ideological obstinacy has been spectacularly successful in destroying South Africa's capacity to feed itself.

What sane farmer would want to invest in an industry which is constantly under threat? Who wants to build up a viable farm if there is a very real possibility that it will be nationalized and given to peasant farmers, who are sure to ruin it within at most 24 months?

In a typical display of snail-like mental processes, something we have come to expect from the dim-witted ANC regime, it has finally dawned upon the honourable minister that the country actually needs farmers. Read this article which was published in the Business Day. Well done, Ms Xingwana! It only took you, what, 2 - 3 years to come to this realization.

The Ministerial Advisory Council for Agriculture and Land Affairs has been mooted since 2001, but was only launched yesterday. Yet another prime example of the efficiency of the ANC regime - it took a mere 7 years for the transformed public service and regime to establish the council, but at least the public servants are of the right skin colour and that's what REALLY matters, isn't it? Will we wait another decade or two before it actually starts to do anything?

Whereas South Africa was a nett exporter of food in the past, it has turned into an importer. Wait - it's coming to me - yes, it has to be the fault of apartheid. Of course. (Except the reverse is the case, is it not? Under the previous government we could feed ourselves...)The Business Day article blames external factors such as the exchange rate for this, but fails to squarely place the blame where it really resides: the utter incompetence and / or extreme ideologically driven arrogance of the criminal ANC regime.

There is one and only one solution to the looming agricultural crisis in South Africa. That is to immediately halt and indeed reverse the failed land reform programme. Subsistence farming by peasants, which lies at the heart of the land reform programme, is nothing but a romantic dream. In reality it is sure to destroy the country's capacity to feed itself.
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