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Monday, 06 July 2009

What is the point of South Africa's Defence Force?

Most if not all countries have a defence force. Some, like the current United States armed forces, see action on a daily basis. Others, like the Swiss guards in the world's smallest country, the Vatican, have largely ceremonial duties.

South Africa had a very professional defence force prior to 1994. In spite of sanctions aimed at the previous government, it was the most formidable fighting force on the African continent that successfully fought the Cubans in Angola, in spite of the ANC regime's laughable propaganda to the contrary.

It was especially effective in terms of pest control, eradicating infestations of so-called ANC  "freedom fighters" (in reality a criminal rabble whose military prowess was limited to killing innocent civilians in cowardly bomb attacks) in neighbouring countries.

That was then, before the ANC regime "transformed" the armed forces.

Transformation in South African terms has a very clear and distinct meaning. In practice, it means exorcising any competent white individuals on an Afro-racist basis and replacing them with useless political cronies. One cannot however take the criminal rabble that constituted the so-called "liberation movement's army"  (sic) and expect these individuals to miraculously transform themselves into a professional defence force capable of managing and effectively using the billions of rands' worth of equipment procured during the utterly corrupt arms deal.

The result was both predictable and sad. South Africa's forces, the SANDF, are staffed by ageing soldiers. The younger members of the forces are riddled with HIV and often in no condition to fight. The older members should not be front line soldiers. As the opposition Democratic Alliance's shadow minister of defence puts it: "We have soldiers in barracks, not in the field; we have ships alongside, not at sea; and we have aircraft in hangers, not in the air. We have an army that is overstretched; a navy which is under stretched; and an air force with nothing to stretch."

The obvious question is not why the SANDF is in the state it is in – we all know that the twin evils transformation and the utter incompetence of the ANC regime are at fault. The question is rather: why do we have a defence force at all? Against whom do they "defend" us (sic)?

One of the main tasks of a defence force is to defend the sovereignty of a nation. In other words, the SANDF is there to keep South Africa safe from foreign threats. South Africa is however no longer sovereign. It has in reality been invaded by millions of illegal aliens, overrun by a veritable army of foreigners.

So much so that, as a proportion of its population, South Africa is a world leader in terms of its percentage of illegal aliens. Out of the 50-60 million people within the non-existent borders of the country, there are at least 10-15 million illegals. Between one in five and one in four people walking the streets of South Africa are part of the army of invaders that has already overrun South Africa.

The army is neither capable of nor interested in any semblance of border control. Enforcing South Africa's territorial integrity would, in any event, contradict the ANC regime's apparent policy of radical pan-Africanism, which gives free passage to any illegal alien wishing to enter South Africa. Witness the scrapping of visa requirements for Zimbabweans.

Seeing that South Africa has effectively already been invaded by a horde of foreigners, what about fighting a rearguard action within the borders of the country? After all, South Africa is the world champion not only at rugby football but also at violent crimes such as rape and murder. These illegals are often implicated in the illegal activities.

This also too much to expect from the transformed SANDF however. There are a few soldiers thousands of kilometres away in Burundi but none protecting the South African populace against the millions of invaders on own soil.

I ask again: what is the point of spending billions of rands on an utterly useless defence force, when the foreign invaders have already won the war against South Africa?

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