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Friday, 19 September 2008

Another incompetent pig at the trough cries racism

As we have come to expect, any incompetent ANC politician or AA-appointee, when caught with his hand in the cookie jar, will immediately cry racism. Tito Mboweni, the politically-appointed governor of South Africa's Reserve Bank, and clearly an AA appointee who is totally out of his depth, is no exception.

Although Mboweni is a corpulent individual who refuses to be photographed due to his excessive perspiration, "pig at the trough" refers not to his build, but to his naked greed and gravy train riding. South Africa is nowhere near the fifth largest economy on the planet, but nevertheless Mboweni's salary ranks among the top 5 among central bankers worldwide.

The official policy is to keep inflation between 3-6%, but Mboweni awards himself a 25% increase in 2008.


At a Reserve Bank shareholder meeting yesterday, shareholders tried to raise the above issues. In the proud tradition of incompetent affirmative action appointees, Mboweni refused to even discuss the issues raised, and immediately accused his critics of racism.

No, Mr Mboweni. They are not racists. They are merely concerned individuals who are entitled to raise their legitimate concerns. It is you who are incompetent and it is you, not them, who is a greedy, racist pig at the trough.
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